Season 3, Episode 9: Easy Come, Easy Go

This episode is the worst of the worst. Miranda and Steve are broken up, Charlotte proposes to herself and Carrie…well, WE ALL KNOW WHAT CARRIE DOES.

Carrie and Aidan are at the opening day of the new designer’s showcase (some furniture show). She’s his Booth Bitch. While they are discussing her role in the booth of his life, they also make out obnoxiously in a way that adults should not in public. Aidan goes to get them coffee and while he’s gone, Carrie spots Big and Natasha strolling through the showcase. She hides behind  a desk while listening to Natasha trash Aidan’s furniture. (“I don’t know how you could like this clunky wood, it’s almost oppressive.”)

Also, I love her outfit. You can’t see her shoes but they are also great.

And now…the reasons why she is the WORST.

#1 – Big obviously notices her hiding so she has to stand up and explain what she’s doing there. Carrie is still awkwardly talking to Big and Natasha when Aidan comes back with the coffee. Carrie manages to make introductions as uncomfortable as possible, then one ups herself by spilling hot coffee all over Big’s crotch. AND THEN GOES TO TRY TO WIPE SOME OF IT OFF. Natasha swoops in because of course she’s having none of that, and they leave.

#2 – Aidan asks where she knows them from and she says, “from around…like a 100 years ago. A past life.” I understand why she might not want to get in to all of that with Adian at that particular moment but that is a whopper of a lie.

#3 – Two hours later, when the party and bidding had begun, Big drunkenly saunters over to Carrie. He asks where Aidan is and then he asks for a cigarette.

He tells her his marriage is not working and he’s getting out…if she knows anyone who is interested. She snidely replies that he should keep that to himself because no one is interested in that information. Then promptly brings it up with the girls that night at the coffee shop. Let’s check out everyone’s reaction:

Samantha: Well let’s just say it, you won.

Charlotte: Well you don’t know anyone who’s interested, he’s married!

Miranda: Why is he telling you?

Carrie points out she has no intention of doing anything about this information because 1) Aidan and 2) she’s not insane. (Except that she is.)

#4 – Later on, Big calls her and leaves a message saying he has to talk to her about what he said the other day and that it was really important. She invites Miranda over so they can listen to the message together after she has ALREADY listened to it seven times. (Also, they are eating Twizzlers, which, yuck.) Carrie is certain the message means Big wants to get back together but swears she is going to delete the message. And then she calls Big back as soon as Miranda leaves. He tells her that getting out of his marriage is going to cost him a lot so she should forget about what he said at the furniture show. She promptly hangs up on him.

#5 – While they are in bed, Aidan is pointing out the cracks in Carrie’s ceiling and offers to strip her floors for her (because that’s easier than fixing the ceiling I guess?). She is overcome with gratitude for this man who wants her life to be better, especially because Big is back trying to fuck it up as much as possible (yes she lets him, no I am not defending her). Also, the reason he is doing this for her is because she says she can’t afford to and he points out her “eight thousand bucks worth of shoes over there.” (More like $40,000, but that’s a different episode for another time.)

#6 thru infinity – Carrie is trying to work while Aidan does his floor stripping but the noise from his project sends her running to the Stanhope hotel to work. Aidan offers up his place but she won’t go because Pete is “too distracting” (jumps on her and deletes things??) and tells him that if anyone calls, he should tell them where she can be reached. Well, Aidan is so sweet and trusting that he passes that message along to the exact wrong person.

Big calls her room from the lobby, insisting that he needs to talk to her, and she goes downstairs to find him in the bar. I can’t with this so watch it for yourself.

UGGGGGGH. What the FUCK, Bradshaw??? (And don’t get me STARTED on Samantha helping her justify this hoebaggery. That’s the next episode.) I mean, sure, we all saw this coming. She was giving him the eyes while they were on the boat and it wasn’t going to take much for Big to wear her down. And it would be less awful if she wasn’t with Aidan. Still not a good decision but she’d be hurting one less person. But this is just…the worst. Carrie and Big are both selfish rat bastards with no self-control who deserve each other.

SIDEBAR: Charlotte’s engagement to Trey didn’t go as planned but she still ends up with a 2.175 carat diamond ring from Tiffany.

SIDEBAR 2: Samantha’s funky spunk guy is also the worst.

2 thoughts on “Season 3, Episode 9: Easy Come, Easy Go

  1. Funky Spunk was Bobby Cannavale, right? He was so good in The Station Agent. First saw him in Third Watch though.

    The thing about Carrie is that she knows by even going and talking to Big she’s opening the door for everything else. She has such terrible judgment and poor decisionmaking skills. It’s infuriating to watch.


  2. I think this episode makes for great entertainment. The tension between Carrie and Big is riveting.
    I wonder if Carrie and Big never had the affair what would the writers come up with to break up Carrie and Aidan. Aidan never truly gets over the affair even when he takes her back the second time. we know the producers would not marry off Carrie until at least the end of the series.


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