Season 3, Episode 8: The Big Time

After watching this episode at least twice just for the purposes of this blog, I decided I had minimal ammunition, especially because of what is to come, so this post was a damn reach.

The opening scene focuses mainly on Charlotte giving Trey a major case of blue balls. She is apparently taking a page from the Aidan Shaw book of Don’t Sleep With People Too Quickly. She tells Carrie she really thinks he’s The One and we learn that Carrie lost her virginity on a ping pong table. But, we quickly are getting to the point in this season where she outdoes herself in being the worst person ever, for a number of reasons (although most of them start in the next episode, so I will try to go easy on her here):

#1 – Carrie is going to something called the Gab magazine launch party and because she has no concept of time, is unable to pick up the dress she wants at the dry cleaners (twice). The party is on a boat and Aidan is uninterested in going with her. Of course this leads to trouble. (And Madonna is supposedly there.)

#2 – Charlotte and Trey are also inexplicably at this party gushing to Carrie (again) about how they met, and she seems to be kind of a Bitter Betty about it. She decides to go hit the buffet and runs in to Big. (Natasha is not there. She missed the boat.) She dashes away from him as quickly as possible but he finds her again. Big asks if she’s seeing anyone and she says that she is and he’s perfect.

#3 – Big shows up at her place drunk right after Aidan goes to the Korean market to get coffee filters or whatever. She gets rid of him pretty quickly but there is a millisecond of hesitation. He had left her a message on her machine that she paused so Aidan wouldn’t hear it – when Big leaves, she plays it. He misses her and can’t stop thinking about her. 

SIDEBAR: Steve floats the idea of having a baby with Miranda, which leads to their very sad and unfortunate second breakup. Samantha thinks she has menopause and Charlotte is smitten with Trey so we don’t have as much time to see Carrie being the worst.

2 thoughts on “Season 3, Episode 8: The Big Time

  1. Is this the episode where Steve gets the puppy? This is a very sad one for them. All their breakups were sad. The expensive suit, the puppy… poor Steve. And poor Miranda, because the suit one was really not her fault. I do love them together so it was always hard for me to see them split.


  2. The voiceover at the end of this episode is what exemplifies why Carrie is THE WORST. And the hesitation. She sucks so much.


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