Season 3, Episode 7: Drama Queens

Carrie and Aidan have been dating for three weeks (and they are apparently already spending almost every night together?) at this point and she’s having night terrors because of her drama-free relationship. And this is the episode where Charlotte goes insane trying to get set up with the bachelor friend of a married man she knows – but instead we get the debut of Dr. Trey MacDougal. And yes, it unfortunately turns out that Trey sucks, but he doesn’t suck as much as Carrie Bradshaw, and here are the reasons why:

#1 – Because she doesn’t have to beg Aidan to pay attention to her and he actually treats her well, she is freaked out, and complaining, because of course she is. And Samantha doesn’t help by telling Carrie that Aidan is probably too good to be true. So Big sucks but Aidan can’t possibly be for real so proceed with caution?

#2 – Next time she sees Aidan, she starts the interrogation: Why is he still single? What’s wrong with him? He’s pretty laid back about it, but my only question is why hasn’t he run away screaming yet?

#3 – Aidan tells her his parents are coming into town that weekend and he wants her to meet them. The woman who stalked Big and his mother at church is now being offered a parental introduction and she’s all, no I’m good thanks. She also asks him if his parents know what the hell is wrong with him. Jesus. SHE IS THE WORST. I ask you, Carrie, do you know what is wrong with YOU?

#4 – She tells Aidan that she’s not sure if meeting his parents is a good idea because it’s a huge deal but that also means they won’t be seeing each other this weekend. He says he will miss her and she says “see maybe that’s good. Maybe we should see each other less so we can miss each other more.” what a whack job. Then she says they are both “too available” when really she means he’s too available. (She also does point out to Miranda that Aidan is acting how she wanted Big to act and she’s acting like Big, but then, despite this realization, keeps at it. Because she is the worst.)

#5 – Charlotte brings Carrie to the opera since her plan to date the mysteriously Phil backfires. (She calls her friend Dennis to rip him a new one and he promises her a date with Phil the next night to placate her). Carrie is chomping on her gum and looking around in her opera glasses when she spots Big & Natasha (and Big sees her). She decides the best course of action is to fake being sick and ditch her friend. Big sees her leave and goes to run after her. I hate how this is just a tee-up for what’s to come…

#6 – Carrie FINALLY decides she wants to be with someone who also wants to be with her. She also decides that 3am is the PERFECT time to call and tell this to Miranda. She should be telling Aidan this but she can’t call HIM in the middle of the night. Just her friends.

#7 – The next morning she calls Aidan at the store to tell him she misses him, but he’s not there. Twelve hours later, she calls again, this time trying his apartment. Still not there. GUESS WHAT, THIS IS WHAT YOU ASK FOR. YOU MADE YOUR BED NOW LIE IN IT.

#8 – Two days later, she decides her only recourse is to crash Aidan’s brunch with his parents – her grand gesture, if you will. She word vomits at him a series of sentences – something about fear, risk, a leap of faith, whatever. 

SIDEBAR: Lay off the Viagra, Samantha.

One thought on “Season 3, Episode 7: Drama Queens

  1. THANK YOU!! I am doing my millionth rewatch at the moment, and that bit with the 3am phone call to Miranda made me so angry that I had to Google to seek out others whom it similarly incensed. 😛

    I’ve always thought Carrie was the worst, but things like that really just bring it home for me.

    Anyway… Feeling much better now; Thanks for being a great mirror for pissed off SATC fans everywhere! Hahah.


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