Season 3, Episode 6: Are We Sluts?

First of all, WTF is Carrie wearing on this date? Is that underwear? Either way, Aidan is not spending the night.

Meanwhile, Charlotte’s investment banker boyfriend calls her “you fucking bitch you fucking whore” while they are, ya know, fucking, but this is obviously upsetting to Charlotte.

There are only a few reasons in this episode why Carrie is the worst, maybe because they pile it on so much in future episodes, but let’s jump in anyway.

#1 – When Charlotte asks the girls if she’s a whore, Samantha correctly responds, “Oh please, if you’re a whore what does that make me?” But Carrie and Miranda do the eye aversion thing to indicate that, either 1) they think Charlotte gets around, 2) they don’t want to answer what that would make Samantha, or 3) both, which is beyond rude considering they also have had “a decent amount of bone” in them. Charlotte bemoans that “this is bad” and “no one wants to marry a whore” and Carrie immediately shifts the focus to herself by saying that what’s really bad is that “even Charlotte is having more sex than I am.” EXCUSE YOU??????? You were just not making eye contact about this very subject as if to shame her so WHAT DOES THAT MAKE YOU CARRIE (BESIDES THE WORST)?

#2 – On her next date with Aidan, when he again won’t spend the night, she blows a gasket and demands to know why he doesn’t want to sleep with her. He floats the concept of actually wanting to wait and sleep with someone he cares about because in the past he has slept with people too quickly and he is still single. And he also points out that they have only been dating a week and a half.

#3 – Aidan comes over with Chinese food and Carrie is over analyzing his every move to determine if she is being friend zoned or not. He draws her a bath as a romantic gesture and she convinces him to join her as he’s about to leave. Then when he says he’s ready she decides he was right and then they should wait…until the following date, when they finally do it.

SIDEBAR: Miranda having to call her previous sexual partners because she has chlamydia is amazing. And also when she is making her list and one of the people on it is guy from deli, it makes her slut shaming of Charlotte and Samantha even more hypocritical.

One thought on “Season 3, Episode 6: Are We Sluts?

  1. At least Miranda’s list didn’t have “Sandwich Guy” from the sub shop on there! I love how methodical she is about listing them all out, though. Guarantee you Carrie would never call up her old flings to tell them about her chlamydia. Charlotte would, and if Samantha could remember them all, she would, or would have her assistant do it!


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