Season 2, Episode 15: Shortcomings

I know, I know, it’s been SO long since I posted that I’m sure all two of you who remembered this blog even existed are pissed. This episode is great because of the conflict and resolution between Charlotte and Samantha and also because Carrie Bradshaw continues to give us reasons why she’s the worst. What are they? I’m glad you asked.

#1 – Carrie is dating Vaughn, an author. She meets up with him and he tells her they have to drop by his parents place with some books and her first reaction is to tell him she doesn’t look good enough and can’t he just drop the books in the mail slot?? Well, no, Carrie, he can’t. That would be rude to not even say hi to his PARENTS. AND REMEMBER HOW YOU ACTED WHEN BIG DIDN’T WANT YOU TO MEET HIS MOM? (Her outfit is definitely not my fave, tbh)

#2 – Vaughn’s parents practically crawl up Carrie’s ass from kissing it so much and all of a sudden she and her ego are perfectly fine staying for brunch even though Vaughn thinks they should leave.

#3 – They return to Carrie’s apartment all hot and bothered but Vaughn blows his wad before they even get to the bed. When she’s telling the girls this over lunch the next day (give or take) she actually admits that the thing she likes the best about him is his family. CAN I GET A JUDGE’S RULING HERE???

So the whole month prior that they’ve been dating was what? For show? Not that a month is a long time but obviously if the sex was good the family wouldn’t be the reason she decided to stick it out. Then she goes out to lunch with his mom.

#4 – The next time she and Vaughn are lying in her bed in their underwear, Carrie decides to bring up his mom. And then she’s shocked when he once again can’t perform? I’m not!

#5 – Three strikes and he’s out – and not even his family can save him. When she decides to bail mid-brunch, it is Vaughn’s mom who runs after her to try to change her mind. Ummm yeah that’s not really how this is supposed to work now is it?

SIDEBAR: Apparently Miranda’s worst nightmare is family hour at her gym. If it’s just an hour, why does she even go then? Can’t she go before/after?

SIDEBAR 2: Samantha sleeping with Charlotte’s brother and then Charlotte going berserk is somehow my favorite part of the episode. I think because she has to eat crow and apologize to Samantha and it’s actually very sweet.

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