Season 2, Episode 14: The Fuck Buddy


For whatever reason, the show decides to use poor Skipper as the male rejection punching bag and opens with a string of women dumping him, including Miranda from a year ago. Apparently he’s a nice guy who is attracted to women who likes jerks. And speaking of, this is the episode where Miranda dates the jerk lawyer who is mad at life and takes it out on everyone. Also, Carrie is dressed like Heidi which is ridiculous but not one of the reasons why she is the worst. Let’s get to those reasons, shall we?

#1 – She is enjoying pointing out all her friends obvious dating patterns when Samantha, correctly, points out how much time she wasted on Big. Claiming he was an aberration and she’d know what to expect next time, Miranda astutely points out she will mostly likely just make the same mistake all over again.

#2 – Carrie decides to give her old buddy John a call. He’s the titular fuck buddy, in case you were wondering. This doesn’t make her the worst, and her outfit when she calls him doesn’t either though I’d like to lean that way. She is the worst because in the voice-over she says, “And then I realized it. I didn’t have a relationship pattern. I had a between relationship pattern. I always went back to John after every devastating, soul-shattering, gut wrenching relationship.” She decides to break her pattern and ask him out on a date. I COMPLETELY BEG TO DIFFER THAT YOU DON’T HAVE A RELATIONSHIP PATTERN GIVEN THAT YOU’VE BROKEN UP WITH THE SAME MAN TWICE IN THE SPAN OF A YEAR. How about some self-awareness, Bradshaw.

#3 – When John picks her up for dinner, he’s of course misinterpreted dinner to mean banging but she insists they go out anyway. She doesn’t realize that he hates sushi but they go to a sushi restaurant and proceed to have the most uncomfortable date ever.

#4 – She forces another date out of him because she refuses to give up on them being both sexually and romantically compatible. She’s trying to get a meaningful conversation out of him and finally gives up when he tells her that her boobs look good in the top she’s wearing. They finally part ways.

SIDEBAR: Charlotte faking a sore throat because she double booked – not her best look. And of course she gets caught.

And that is the most time I can devote to this episode because it sucks.

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