Season 2, Episode 1: Take Me Out to the Ballgame

Whhhhhooooooo boy: the first post Big breakup/New Yankee episode and it’s a doozy.

Charlotte and Miranda show up at Carrie’s apartment to drag her out (and pick Samantha up on the way while she’s trying to stick it out with James) in an attempt to get her out of her apartment and hole of self wallowing pity. And since they don’t tell her where they are going (a Yankees game), she puts on a ridiculous outfit that no normal person would wear to a baseball game because she wants to look stunning in case she happens to run into Big. But, I’ll give her a pass since they didn’t tell her where they were taking her.

This brings me to the reasons why she’s the worst.

  1. Carrie “catches” a foul ball in the upper deck. Miranda asks the New Yankee to sign Carrie’s ball. Carrie tells him she thinks baseball is dull and then chases after him to ask him out. I mean, what? Insulting a professional baseball player and then still getting a date? WHATEVER. (Okay so I’m going to just be CSI here for a minute: Carrie didn’t know where they were taking her but conveniently has her press pass on her so she can get her foul ball signed by the New Yankee.)
  2. She only invites the New Yankee to the Dolce & Gabbana party because she was hoping Big would be there too and she could flaunt it in his face (okay yeah we’ve all been there but she should know by now Big doesn’t care). And she maxed out a credit card to buy the dress she wore. Like she doesn’t have enough clothes already? STOP BEING THE WORST.
  3. She must have some credit left on a different card(s) because she goes on a breakup shopping binge. See above statement.
  4. She does eventually run into Big when she’s with the New Yankee. After a horribly bumbling interaction, he tells her she’s never looked better. Trigger meltdown.

Poor Joe is standing there like the guy who is about to be broken up with in the street that he is. Well, at least she tried?

SIDEBAR: When Miranda flips out on everyone for only ever talking about their boyfriend problems she says, “It’s like seventh grade with bank accounts.” Girl. So true.

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