Season 2, Episode 2: The Awful Truth

Oh god, the Susan Sharon episode. I hate this episode. Carrie’s annoying friend Susan Sharon is married to a dipshit and decides to dump him and stay at Carrie’s apartment.

It doesn’t take us long to jump in to reasons why Carrie Bradshaw is the worst. And also I just want to get this episode over with.

  1. Susan gives her a cashmere scarf as a birthday gift and after she tells Carrie they go for $900 at Barneys, Carrie asks if she can RETURN IT FOR THE CASH. FUCK. If you need the cash that badly don’t fucking shop all the time. And furthermore, if you’re going to be the worst and return it anyway, don’t tell your friend that you’re going to return it ten seconds after she gives it to you. This is also when Susan’s husband storms out of the bedroom and throws Carrie out of the apartment, leading to her to tell Susan that yeah, sure, she should leave her husband if she’s not happy.
  2. Carrie gets roses from Big and a card that says, “Best Wishes on Your Birthday”. Trigger meltdown. Although Charlotte calls it the grand gesture, Carrie counters with “this is not the grand gesture, this is the vague gesture, which is truly worse than no gesture at all.” She does have a point there.
  3. Carrie calls Big to thank him for the flowers (his secretary reminded him to send them) and then invites him to her birthday party. Great idea. He says he might bring someone (no specific gender) – she assumes it’s a woman. Trigger meltdown. (Also, while watching this episode with me against his will, my husband did quickly admit that she is, in fact, the worst.)
  4. At Carrie’s birthday dinner, she is getting tanked in preparation for Big’s arrival with his gorgeous date. He shows up with Jack and she is so relieved she jumps up and hugs the guy, even though she can’t stand him. Stanford can’t believe that, “The bastard had the nerve to show up.” I mean, Carrie invited him! I had an ex show up at my birthday party once, UNINVITED – that’s WAY worse. (Shout-out to all my friends who huddled to try to get me out of there before I saw him and ALMOST succeeded.)

At the end of the night, Big offers her a ride home but she wisely says no. Stevie Wonder can see that she’s not over him so it is best not to get into the car, amiright?

SIDEBAR: Jack to Susan Sharon: “Do you ever shut the fuck up?” Yeah, someone needed to say it.

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