Season 1, Episode 11: The Drought

This episode is one I usually skip because, well, it revolves around gas.

We again open the episode with Carrie idealizing everything between her and Big. It was the way she always dreamed it could be until she farts in bed and flees from the room so quickly that she runs into the door.

Even though she is horrified at herself, she decides she’s being ridiculous, and the next night when they’re eating dinner at Big’s place, her puts a whoopee cushion on her chair. She goes along with it for a big laugh. But then when she tries to initiate sex later that night he says he’s too tired and hard passes.

Now, all the reasons why she’s the worst.

  1. Big saying he’s too tired to have sex introduces defcon 1 into our lives. Since he doesn’t want to have sex, she assumes it’s because of her magical tooting. She obsesses about this to Miranda while they are getting their nails done, after it has been three times in a row that Big has turned her down. Miranda says she’s human and Carrie’s response is that she doesn’t want Big to know that. She says the word perfect like five times to describe Big.
  2. Next is yoga with Samantha, who is horrified and makes things worse by telling her that sex is the barometer for what is going on in the relationship and Carrie’s asstacular (word I just made up) imperfection is a huge turnoff. Also, during this yoga class, Carrie is not actually doing any of the actual workout but it just looking for validation, which she doesn’t even get. Don’t even go to class then!
  3. By the time she has dinner with Charlotte, she can’t bring herself to admit to the farting because, well, it is Charlotte and if Samantha was horrified, imagine how Charlotte would react. But she still obsesses about how they aren’t doin’ it anymore BECAUSE SHE HASN’T TALKED ABOUT IT ENOUGH ALREADY.
  4. When Carrie sees her neighbors having sex through her window, she overcomes her fear of rejection, calls Big and goes over to his place. She tries to start something while he’s watching a fight on TV and he could not be less interested. She yells and screams about how she isn’t perfect and doesn’t fit into his perfect life, then storms out and waits for him to come after her but he doesn’t – LOLOLOLOLOL. When she gets home she assumes he would have left her a message but he hasn’t. Well, what did you expect?
  5. Poor Miranda (three months and one week into a drought of her own) comes over to keep Carrie company while she’s repainting her kitchen. She hasn’t heard from Big for two days after her outburst and the following conversation ensues:

Carrie: Well, I think it’s over. I should never have farted.

Miranda: Jesus Carrie, that’s it. I’ve heard enough about the fart. It’s not the fucking fart.

Carrie says she knows it isn’t the fart. (OK then stop talking about it maybe?) The bigger picture is that she again thinks Big is perfect and she isn’t (spoiler: neither of them are). Big eventually turns up at Carrie’s apartment and asks her what was up the scene from her one woman show, Please tell me I’m perfect or have sex with me now.

They don’t actually discuss their issues, or rather HER issue, and once he sees the couple next door having sex, he wants in on the action.

Also about that couple having sex: Carrie sees it, Miranda sees it, then everyone comes over to watch the show. Beyond rude, ladies!!!

SIDEBAR: Charlotte dumps a guy because he’s on antidepressants that kill his sex drive after she spent a dinner trying to convince Carrie that people put too much emphasis on the importance of sex.

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