Season 1, Episode 10: The Baby Shower

This is a throwaway episode for me (lame in general) and has very slim pickings on why Carrie is The Worst.

Former party girl Laney is having a baby shower in Connecticut. None of them want to go but Carrie says it is the right thing to do. While she pencils the date in on her planner, she realizes her period is late.

Now, let’s jump in to why she’s the worst.

  1. When the girls meet up to go to the shower, Carrie realizes she forgot to buy a gift.
  2. After Laney makes a surprise appearance at Samantha’s I Don’t Have a Baby Shower, Carrie throws Laney in a cab and just tells the driver to take her to Connecticut. Sure, that narrows it down.
  3. On day 8 of being late, she decides to pick up a test. Then she doesn’t take the test and instead goes to Samantha’s party

Spoiler (not really) – Carrie gets her period walking home from the park where she sat watching kids play to better gauge how she’d be as a mother. But let’s be honest, with Big’s money she’d hire like 45 nannies and not do anything herself.

SIDEBAR: When Miranda grabs a pregnancy test on sale, Carrie responds with “Sweetie I just spent $395 on a pair of open toed Gucci’s last week, this is not the place to be frugal.” WHEN HAVE YOU EVER BEEN FRUGAL?

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