Season 1, Episode 1: Sex and the City

The beginning of the series has less material for me to work with. I don’t think Carrie becomes truly insufferable until she starts dating Big, but I committed to this as an every episode type thing, so here we go.

As we all know, we first have to deal with Elizabeth the English journalist getting ghosted by Tim the investment banker.

When she complains to Carrie that looking for houses together in England would have MEANT something, Carrie responds via narrative voiceover, “No one had told her about the end of love in Manhattan.”


And thus we commence on our journey to discover the reasons why Carrie Bradshaw is the Worst. Actually the quote above is the first reason.

The second reason is when she runs into her ex, Kurt, while having lunch with Stanford. Even though Stanford tells her that he doesn’t want to clean up the ensuing mess for the FOURTH time, she ignores him.

She decides to “have sex like a man” and leaves Kurt hanging before he can get off – rude!!! (though he probably did deserve it).

She also sucks when she sets Miranda up with Skipper knowing in advance that Miranda will hate him – and it doesn’t go well for poor Skippy, even though they did end up making out.

Carrie also lies to Samantha about Big (“I’ve never seen him before in my life”) – yes, this is very nitpick-y of me, but when we get to the Aidan episodes I’m tempted to keep a lie detector (yeah, just came up with that all by myself) to track how many times a straight up lie comes out of her pie hole.

SIDEBAR: Samantha swooning over Big is pretty painful to watch. She rarely gets shut down like that, or at all, so it’s a little jarring.


One thought on “Season 1, Episode 1: Sex and the City

  1. Like you, I also watch and rewatch, every time there’s something new.

    I think the significant bit of Carrie denying that she knows big after he winked at them is seen by Samantha as big flirting with her, when big was actually flirting with Carrie.

    So to add to your list, Carrie essentially sends Samantha on a doomed mission to impress big.


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