Season 1, Episode 1: Sex and the City

The beginning of the series has less material for me to work with. I don’t think Carrie becomes truly insufferable until she starts dating Big, but I committed to this as an every-episode type thing, so here we go with some background, etc,

We open with an English journalist moving to NYC. Elizabeth meets Tim, an investment banker, at an art gallery opening. Tim and Elizabeth are attached to each other in every possible way for the next two weeks. They even look at places to live and Elizabeth is supposed to meet his parents. Then, Tim’s mom is sick and Elizabeth doesn’t hear from him for two weeks and has to call him?? Cut to the ghosting.

When Elizabeth complains to Carrie that looking for houses together in England would have MEANT something, Carrie responds via narrative voiceover, “No one had told her about the end of love in Manhattan.”

The beginning of the series does this thing where randoms are interviewed for talking heads. I am not sad when those go away. However, LOL at Peter Mason, Advertising Executive slash Toxic Bachelor, talking about the “mid 30’s power flip”, which apparently means gals who were single in their 20s and had all the power are now throwing down to get a husband in their 30s. Even worse is Capote Duncan (who later takes out Charlotte), who assumes that any woman getting married over the age of 35 will immediately want to have kids because he thinks that is the only reason people want to get married. What??

Up next we meet Miranda, who tells us about her one friend who always dated hot guys but then woke up at age 41 and all of a sudden was a hideous troll who couldn’t hold down a job and had to move back in with her mother.

Our first impression of Charlotte is also horrifying.

Now officially bored of all of these intros and talking heads, let’s explore the reasons why Carrie Bradshaw is the Worst.

#1 – Everyone is at dinner for Miranda’s birthday. Samantha suggests everyone should have sex like a man, aka without feelings. Carrie is now on a power trip.

At lunch with Stanford., she runs into her ex, Kurt (who she made a mistake with at ages 26, 29, and 31). Even though Stanford tells her that he doesn’t want to clean up the ensuing mess for the FOURTH time, she ignores him.

#2 – She decides to “have sex like a man” and leaves Kurt hanging before he can get off. He deserves it. He is ” a self-centered withholding creep” according to Carrie. I mean, I know you are but what am I?

#3 – After she ditches Kurt, she is walking down the street when she runs into a dude and the contents of her purse fall out, including a bunch of condoms. A different dude stops to help her gather her things and it turns out to be Big, not a spoiler since this aired in 1998? I am not knocking her for the supply of condoms but watch where you’re going!

#4 – I am not going to spend a ton of time on Skipper because he doesn’t last very long but blah blah Carrie decides he and Miranda would be perfect together, which, LOL. If she were a true friend, this never would have occurred to her.

#5 – Carrie runs into Kurt at Chaos and he is psyched to tell her that he loved how they banged without feelings earlier and they should try that again sometime. Carrie is shook because she thought having sex like a man meant that only she was allowed to play with others in the sandbox while he looked on forlornly. Well, bitch, turns out you reap what you sow!

#6 – After Kurt blows her off, Samantha points out Big. He waves. Samantha asks if Carrie knows him and she denies it. Sam hits on Big and gets shot down. Why lie? It makes no sense.

SIDEBAR CAPOTE DUNCAN IS A CREEP: He brings Charlotte home but when she doesn’t want to sleep with him he at first acts like a gentleman, then shares a cab with her so he can go to Chaos and get laid (spoiler: with Samantha)

#7 – Then blah blah Carrie can’t get a cab home, Big and his car rescue her. He asks what she does for work and she responds that she is a Sexual Anthropologist. He says, “You mean like a hooker?” And she’s all teehee no. I mean if someone asked me if I was a hooker I definitely would not spend the rest of my life pining after them but that’s just me. Their interaction is ridiculous because she assumes he is a manwhore and he’s all no you just haven’t been in love, which is true unless you count designer shoes.

P.S. – I originally posted this in Feb 2019. It is now May 2023 and I am revising posts of the original series to reward myself for still dealing with AJLT.

3 thoughts on “Season 1, Episode 1: Sex and the City

  1. Like you, I also watch and rewatch, every time there’s something new.

    I think the significant bit of Carrie denying that she knows big after he winked at them is seen by Samantha as big flirting with her, when big was actually flirting with Carrie.

    So to add to your list, Carrie essentially sends Samantha on a doomed mission to impress big.


  2. Re: *Revisions of OG series…. I sense “*avoidance issues” with 2 “films” (ahem) ???????? (jk 😂) ❤️ your posts.


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