We have HBOGo at home and I’ve recently been cherry picking some of my favorite Sex and the City episodes. Over the past MANY MANY years, I have had access to the show in one form or another (HBO, DVDs, etc) and even way back in 2007/2008, I knew Carrie Bradshaw was a piece of shit. In fact, one of my roommates and I had a running joke. If we wanted to talk about ourselves/problems, we would ask, “Can I be Carrie?” Basically asking permission to be a selfish bitch.

Now, circa 2019 (side bar: WHAT? My 20-year high school reunion is this summer – barf), every episode enrages me because Carrie always manages to be the worst while looking the best. And I don’t mean her outfits. The show was created/written/produced/etc with her as every 30-something single gals best friend.

This blog is to show you otherwise.

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