Season 1, Episode 2: Models and Mortals

This episode didn’t have much for me to work with. It opens with Miranda “so obviously not a model” Hobbes at a dinner party with Nick the Modelizer. 

It moves on to the concept of men who only date and/or sleep with models. Because the episode focuses on other stories and other people, like Barkley the model fucker with the homemade porn, and Derek, the underwear model, Carrie has less screen time to be awful.

I had to invent some new yoga poses to come up with these reaches, but I’m committed to this project, so here we go. The two shitty things she does in this episode:

  1. Doesn’t turn Barkley in for his homemade porn collection. I mean he admits to her that he does this without permission, which I’m pretty sure is illegal, but if he’s not distributing maybe not? I’ve never had this problem so I’m just spitballing here.
  2. Takes Derek the underwear model home knowing it will hurt Stanford. Stanford is obsessed with Derek, who is also his client. Now, to be fair, Derek asks to go home with her and they DON’T sleep together, but we all know she agreed to let him come home with her so she could feel special. Hey everyone, this model picked me to come home with! Whatever

Also, Big is already cock teasing her: showing up at the coffee shop where she is writing to essentially tell her dating models gets old but then he just takes off.


SIDEBAR: Skipper is still pursuing Miranda and it somehow becomes awkward for Carrie. BECAUSE SHE’S THE WORST.

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