not this again

First of all, my Facebook for this page is still languishing in purgatory for whatever reason.

Second of all, no: Especially because Aidan was so anti-smoking and now he has a cigarette hanging out of his mouth?

Third of all, no:

Also, why?

Aidan was Carrie’s punching bag in season three and then in season four he was a physically improved punching bag. We won’t talk about the second movie.

My grade for all of this:

Episode six of AJLT has been in my drafts for like 400 years. The show is terrible. And now that they are bringing Aidan back for the second season, do I even bother finishing? I’m sure the answer is yes, and I should just suck it up.

Recently, I received an email telling me how awful I was for trashing a fictional character and no wonder the world hates women. Um, wouldn’t it be worse if I was trashing a real person? This person is completely missing the point. Especially when they said this blog reminded them of the early 2000s when bitter girls created websites bashing Britney Spears…who is a REAL PERSON by the way, so…

ANYWAY, the plan is to get back to my AJLT recaps and still do the two movies, I just needed a long break apparently.


2 thoughts on “not this again

  1. Yes! Waiting with bated breath for more content!! AJLT is quite possibly the worst shit I have ever seen. Please help us all with more analysis.


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