that’s just rude

I was trying to post something on the Facebook page, when come to find out, it has been unpublished for going against “community standards.” I am not sure if they think I am trying to impersonate a celebrity or whatever, but I am clearly not. Anyway, I know I am super behind on posting my next AJLT recap, but it has been a busy couple of months: holidays, jury duty, etc. Anyway, I saw this on Twitter yesterday and vehemently object!

Why do we have to go back here for the FOURTH TIME? (I am counting the second movie even though that was a crime scene.)

Did the writers really feel like Aidan hasn’t degraded himself enough yet?

Let’s recap:

1st go around: Carrie cheats on him with Big and tells him about it ten minutes before Charlotte’s (first) wedding.

2nd time around: She accepts his proposal and then refuses to actually marry him. He dumps her ass.

3rd time, not a charm: I don’t remember what happens in the second movie outside of them making out in whatever the fuck country they’re in, and when she tells Big, he rewards her with a black diamond ring???

I guess since Big up and died on her, they can no longer tap that well, so they’re going back to Aidan. What’s next? Berger in season three??? (I really hope there isn’t an AJLT Season 3, but…)

5 thoughts on “that’s just rude

  1. Meta-verse doesn’t think your impersonating anyone. Probable: Showrunners — or I wouldn’t be surprised if SJP herself — was not trolling and asked them to deactivate the CBITW page. They allow parody and other pages including a few who call themselves the real CB. So? It’s that your title is not “Carrie Bradshaw is the Best”. How is it against community standards to state an opinion? Comedy, satire, tongue-in-cheek? In this day and age… it is. It irked someone with influence and they reported it. And btw it is an opinion many people share. Summarily deactivating all the time you invested in posting and replying (thereby entertaining your readers) is beyond rude. It’s censorship. I’d appeal. But the long and short of it – you have tons of devoted readers on this blog, do smashing on podcasts and fulfill those of us who were all looking for witty opining on this topic! We share your view and we love reading your take on every episode. Sidebar: Re: 2nd train wreck (ahem, film) Were they in Abu Dhabi? And supposedly Aiden was buying persian rugs at the exact same time the ladies were on a work/pleasure PR trip? The winding sheer genius of the writers of SATC 2 is unparalleled. (Ha.) I blocked out a lot of it (to protect my brain) including the controversy surrounding a whole gaggle of complaints that Miranda and Charlotte weren’t being “real” about motherhood… because these are all fictional characters, right? The best things about the shows creativity, ingenuity and ability to entertain ended when they threw Kim Cattrall to the wolves for daring to want to entertain and practice her craft in camaraderie and with appeal. A lot of it was in bad taste and gratuitous self-aggrandizement by many. But the only entertaining thing about AJLT (for me) was your commentary. Period.

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  2. not only is Carrie Bradshaw the worst, but so is Facebook! God no though, not Aiden AGAIN. there is no self respecting man that would have taken Carrie back the first time, let alone again (not counting Abu Dhabi) – ESPECIALLY after she effectively killed her husband!

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