Season 4, Episode 13: The Good Fight

This episode…this episode. Well, we have yet another example of Carrie acting like a dingbat towards Aidan and somehow getting away with it.

Aidan is in the process of moving in to Carrie’s apartment and they are having a space issue since the old lady in the apartment next door hasn’t moved out yet. (Remember, he bought her apartment and the one next door and what exactly is her financial contribution? NOTHING.)

As a result, we are immediately treated to reasons why Carrie Bradshaw is the Worst.

#1 – She complains that Aidan set up an area for himself in her apartment and it is blocking ONE of her bathroom doors. That’s right, she has two and she needs both 24/7, how dare Aidan try to carve out a square foot of space in Palace de Bradshaw?

#2 – She sees a plant Aidan brought over and freaks out. He had the audacity to bring one fucking potted plant into her apartment and she whines to her friends that he’s taking over her space. She never should have said yes to moving in together or yes to getting married but she did both because she’s the fucking worst. She should just admit she is more like Samantha:

Carrie continues to complain about living with Aidan and how she can’t do exactly what she wants when she wants. AGAIN – WHY DID SHE SAY YES TO ANYTHING? SAY NO TO EVERYTHING.

#3 – Richard Wright calls to summon Samantha to “work” and we find out Carrie told everyone Samantha was sleeping with him. When Sam describes Richard’s perfect dick, Carrie’s response is, “okay what should I do about Aidan’s stuff?” And she doesn’t mean his male stuff. She’s actually shifting the entire conversation back to her air quotes problem with Aidan wanting a desk and a plant in her apartment.

#4 – Carrie is arriving home and helps her elderly neighbor down the stairs. The same neighbor who is vacating the apartment next door. Mrs. Old Lady rudely tells Carrie she is not leaving for 30 days even though the closing is in a week. This leads to a blow up between Carrie and Aidan. At first they are on the same page, that this situation fucking sucks. But then we return back to the World of Carrie Where No One Else Matters. Aidan DARES to suggest a way that they could free up some space:

You would think he just suggested that she trade all her designer shoes for Payless and only shop at Dress Barn moving forward.

#5 – As Aidan is moving some of Carrie’s shoes/boxes, she tells him he should kindly lay them on the towels she has put down on the bathroom floor. And she’s arguing with him on every single item of clothing in her closest that she can’t possibly part with for the sake of cohabiting. When she sees Pete chewing on one of her Manolo Blahniks, she loses it and screams at Aidan that the dog owes her $380. But the shoes are circa 1996 so she can’t buy them again. Then, after she complains about his one box of shit and how it’s so much stuff in her place, this happens:

#6 – Charlotte is hosting the girls for dinner when Carrie tells them she and Aidan haven’t spoken in three days. Trey comes in and mentions the cardboard baby and he and Charlotte get in a huge fight that scares all the girls away. This is enough to make Carrie apologize to Aidan, even though she was expecting an apology from him first. Because she’s the worst. So they make up. Gross.

#7 – Carrie finally tells Aidan that she needs him to not talk to her for a hour when she gets home so she can just chill. She says she knows it sounds selfish but that’s what she needs. She lasts like 60 seconds before she takesies backsies. Also, she thinks asking for alone time is selfish but not anything else she’s done???? Delusional.

SIDEBAR: Trey giving Charlotte that cardboard baby…how can anyone be that obtuse? Although, Charlotte is being way too passive aggressive about the baby stuff and it is all consuming and kind of annoying. But Trey still sucks.

2 thoughts on “Season 4, Episode 13: The Good Fight

  1. Oh man, the cardboard baby. That was pretty bad. I feel for Trey a lot in this series, but this was a huge misstep. Miranda probably would have laughed if Steve brought home a cardboard baby, because she wasn’t interested in having kids and they weren’t trying or anything, but Charlotte doesn’t have a cynical/kitschy sense of humor anyway, so when you couple that with her going through really emotionally difficult fertility issues, wow, he really didn’t have the sensitivity that he needed with her.


  2. I actually think Charlotte was horrible to Trey, he seemed like he really loved Charlotte (like when the child said he didn’t want to sit next to Charlotte but Trey said ‘I want to sit next to you’ later on when she was sad about it) and tried to change a lot of things so that he could make her happy, she always seemed to think about herself. Trey was in a tricky position with Bunny and her. I don’t understand why she couldn’t see that it is not always possible for someone to fulfill someone’s wishes all the time. The cardboard baby is, frankly, something silly to get that upset over. His intentions were clearly not bad. Charlotte insulted him badly about his private parts in front of her friends, which I thought was ridiculous! He never insulted her in front of his friends or relatives. And she blamed Trey for everything when she rushed to get married. She did not even know Trey and his wants properly. After all that, Trey agreed to take a picture with her for that magazine so that people would not think it is odd. I thought Charlotte was the Carrie in that relationship


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