Season 4, Episode 12: Just Say Yes

This episode should actually be titled JUST SAY NO YOU DUMB BITCH, but maybe the writers thought that was too mean? Doesn’t matter. About eight seconds into the episode we are given the first of MANY reasons why Carrie Bradshaw is the WORST.

#1 – Carrie gets back to her place from buying tomatoes for whatever dinner Aidan is cooking and announces that her building is going co-op and she has to move. Aidan suggests she buy the place and she tells him since she just had to CHARGE the tomatoes she is in no position to buy the apartment. But Aidan is in that position and tells her so.

#2 – She ASSUMES when he says this that he means he is going to buy her apartment FOR HER. He of course meant FOR THEM, but she’s too fucking self-involved to even think of that. Aidan wants to sell his place and then buy her place and the place next door and knock down the wall in between. He wants to live together.

One of the reasons Carrie considers living together in her place is that moving is a huge pain in the ass (she doesn’t tell him this, it comes in a voice over, but come ON.)

#3 – Aidan is in the shower singing Tom Jones while Carrie, in another voice over, bitches that he is always at her place and so is his stuff. She is shoving crap into his duffel bag when she stumbles upon a ring box. She opens it to find a pear shaped diamond with a gold band and immediately pukes in the sink. I mean, the ring is pretty ugly, but that is not the issue here.

#4 – She tells the girls at brunch that she doesn’t know what she will do when he proposes. It turns out, poor Miranda helped Aidan pick the horrible ring and her excuse is she’s a single pregnant woman shopping for a ring with someone who wasn’t the baby’s father so she can’t be blamed for her bad judgement. Carrie decides her answer will be that she’s not ready to get married but she wants to live together. Charlotte’e genius advice is to just say yes.

Quick detour to talk about Miranda and Steve. She tells him she’s pregnant, he’s the father, she’s keeping the baby, but she doesn’t need anything from him but he can visit whenever he wants. LUCKILY Steve wants to be way more involved than that because he is the best.

#5 – Carrie takes Aidan out to dinner to say yes to living together. She says they need to figure out the money part of things because she doesn’t want a free ride. That’s interesting because earlier in the episode she thought Aidan was offering to buy her apartment and we all know she 100% would have accepted, especially based on what happens roughly four episodes from now.

#6 – Aidan says that makes him happy and there is something else he wants to ask her. Before he can get another word out, she immediately excuses herself runs to the bathroom like a nine year old who can’t handle her emotions. When she gets back to the table, all Aidan does is pull out his wallet to pay for dinner and then makes a joke about jacking up her rent.

#7- Carrie is trying to hail a cab after a day of shopping when Big magically appears in his town car (driven by Raul) and offers her a ride. (AGAIN – SJP is giving me all the body goals I will never achieve.)

When he asks how things are with Aidan she says very good and then makes a weird face that is obviously begging him to ask more questions…so he does. When she says he doesn’t want to know, he says he can handle it. She tells him that Aidan wants to marry her and you see Big slightly flinch. I mean – WHAT ARE THEY EVEN DOING??? She’s acting like he can’t handle someone wanting to marry her and he’s acting like he cares. But if he cares, why didn’t he tell her she was THE ONE when she demanded it? And then he tells her she isn’t the marrying kind. They are both the worst.

#8 – When she gets home from her Big Ride, she goes through Aidan’s shit and can’t find the ring box in his duffel bag and looks confused/slighted. She immediately calls Miranda to accuse her of telling Aidan she didn’t like the ring and wasn’t sure about saying yes. Just because she can’t keep her trap shut doesn’t mean other people can’t!!! This is the classic I thought he liked me and now he doesn’t so I like him 8th grade situation.

#9 – Later that night, Aidan drags Carrie along to take Pete for a walk and proposes to with a much better ring. She hesitates but then says yes even though SHE SHOULD HAVE SAID NO. Does she say yes because the ring is better? Out of guilt? Because she’s the worst? YES TO ALL THREE.

Next up is another proposal:

God, this scene makes me laugh so hard. That ring there is the one Carrie rejected, which Miranda knows, and also I love her and Steve. Even though she says no, she agrees to let him be a bigger part of the baby’s life.

I didn’t realize this, but this was the last episode that aired before 9/11. Also, Vulture agrees with me that Carrie should have said no.

SIDEBAR: Charlotte and Trey begin their IVF journey and it is the beginning of the end for them. Bunny continues to be terrible. As noted above, yes she’s racist, but Trey isn’t exactly thrilled with the idea of a Chinese child either.

SIDEBAR 2: Samantha + Richard Wright = VOMIT

2 thoughts on “Season 4, Episode 12: Just Say Yes

  1. I know we aren’t supposed to try to figure out the background on this stuff, but… does Steve enlist Miranda to help Aidan or does Aidan call her up himself? They are closer, of course, after the naked-pickmeup scene, but still. Then how does Miranda tell Aidan that the ring she helped him pick out is suddenly ugly and Aidan needs a new one? Does he call Samantha for help or does Miranda suggest Samantha? Why wasn’t Charlotte consulted? She has great taste too. How can he be sure at this point that Carrie hasn’t seen the ring or knows about it yet?

    I love that Samantha helped pick out the ring, but how they got there is kind of baffling to me. It’s not like Aidan runs in the same circles that either Samantha or Charlotte do; I get why he asked Miranda (or had Steve ask Miranda) but the leap to Samantha is where I get stuck!


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