Season 4, Episode 9: Sex and the Country

Carrie has to go to Aidan’s country house in Suffern, NY. Steve has testicular cancer. Big is dating a movie star. The movie star sets us up for the dipshittery of the next episode, which I can’t wait to break down.

Carrie definitely shows how she’s a coward and has no spine and is the worst when it comes to Big. But there are other reasons, besides the Big one (sorry, I had to), that she is the worst. Including:

#1 – Carrie tries to recruit all her friends to come with her to Aidan’s country house after she sees pictures of the house because she can’t possibly be there for a week with her boyfriend in a house that doesn’t live up to her standards?

Her first, and worst, attempt to persuade a friend is when she tells Miranda that going to the country house will take her mind off Steve’s cancer and the fact that she made him cry by yelling at him to take it more seriously. This fucking bitch.

#2 – Carrie freaks the FUCK out as soon as they get to the house and she sees a squirrel in the window. It would be like if a normal person saw a rabid bat, for example. Also, what the fuck is she wearing and does she need so much shit? If I were going to this country house I would not be wearing couture.

#3 – Aidan gets her to do some sort of work on the house and well, let’s see what happens.

#4 – Then she fucking LEAVES to go back to the city to have dinner with Big. This is, of course, shortly after Aidan tells her he doesn’t want her to see Big ever again. And YES, I know she didn’t agree to it, but why is she running back to the city to see him and not any of her friends?? BECAUSE SHE’S THE WORST.

#5 – While she is babbling on about Aidan and how there is no one she’d rather be with (CAN I GET A JUDGE’S RULING ON THIS?), she stops herself to make sure Big is okay that she is gushing about Aidan. He’s fine. Then she says he should feel free to talk to her if he met someone, which he has, so he does. She seems surprised, disappointed, and a little taken aback. She falters a bit because clearly because she wants to be his one and only. It turns out he’s dating an actress (Willow Summers, stupid fucking name).

#6 – Big is knocked on his ass in love and Carrie gives him dagger eyes as he tells her this. Maybe it is because he used the word love so easily. Maybe it is because she can only handle it if she’s with someone and he is alone. Or, maybe it is simply because she’s the worst.

Also, again, SJP = body goals and the front of her Big Dinner Outfit is normal but WTF is going on in the back?

#7 – She manages to bring Samantha back to the country. Aidan’s house has no A/C and Carrie is trying to bake a pie. When Samantha calls it a dump, Carrie gets offended, but Carrie was able to call it a dump earlier. Once again, rules don’t apply to her.

(P.S. Being in a house in the summer with no air conditioning is miserable, so F- to Aidan for that one.)

#8 – Carrie burns her legs while dealing with pie crust when she once again freaks out over the same squirrel and during her meltdown tells Aidan she hates his house. They agree that she will go more often if he gets air conditioning.

SIDEBAR: Miranda being with Steve through his surgery. I just can’t…they give me ALL THE FEELS.

SIDEBAR 2: Samantha goes to the hot farmer next door asking for milk in heels and some glam outfit that is 100% inappropriate.

5 thoughts on “Season 4, Episode 9: Sex and the Country

  1. I love your blog. I’m a native NYer (bridge and tunnel) and hate watch this show every few years, G-d only knows why. The thing that makes this one of my most hated episodes is Suffern. I grew up in Rockland County, where Suffern is located, and the number of things they get wrong, from driving distance, trains, cell service, the ridiculousness of the rural landscape still makes my blood boil almost twenty years later.

    Keep up the good work! I love this site so much!

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    1. Ahh fair enough! That’s good to know. I mean they get a ton of shit wrong, #1 being they try to pass Carrie off as likeable! Thank you so much for the comment!


  2. Willow Summers! Like if Buffy and Willow were actually sisters!

    Samantha and the farmer… ever since my husband told me how scratchy and uncomfortable it is to be in a hay bale, I’ve never seen them as sexy in the least. Maybe with a thick blanket over it.


  3. I went to college in Mahwah, NJ which is northwest Bergen County. Suffern is right across the border in Upstate New York. Suffern is more like a bedroom community than a rural getaway. I guess the writers just wanted to make jokes about the name. Carrie acts like a big baby throughout this entire episode. Carrie and Aidan are not compatible as evidenced by this episode. Carrie going back to the city to have dinner with Big shows questionable judgement. Does she tell Aidan, that she had dinner with the Big? I am not sure that would go over well with Aidan.


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