Season 4, Episode 8: My Motherboard, My Self

I just want to get this episode over with because Miranda’s mom dies and Carrie is really mean to Aidan. Outside of her being mean to Aidan, though, I have very little to work with because she’s actually very supportive of Miranda and for once doesn’t turn this into something about her. Don’t worry, the next episode she goes back to being all-around awful.

Let’s jump in!

All the girls meet up for lunch in some park (Charlotte of course brings lunch for everyone) and Carrie is wearing this:

That looks like underwear but she pulls it off. SJP = body goals.

Body goals aside, here are the reasons Carrie Bradshaw is the Worst.

#1 – We learn that she and Aidan have exchanged keys but she always makes him come to her place because he buys 2-in-1 shampoo. Ummm, just do what you did at Big’s and bring your own shit without asking!

#2 – Carrie’s laptop crashes while she is in the middle of writing a column. Aidan tries to CTRL ALT DELETE the problem away, but she has a Mac and all he gets is a sad Mac face. She takes it to some Techserve place wrapped in a pashmina. Aidan comes with her and all she does is snap at him. Of course she has never backed up her work so that makes things even worse for her. Well, she deserves it!

#3 – She calls Miranda to whine and complain and doesn’t bother to ask Miranda where she is until she hears background noise and finds out she is in Philly at the hospital because her mom had a heart attack. Carrie immediately offers to take a train down but Miranda tells her there is nothing she can do.

#4 – Miranda calls Carrie to tell her that her mom died and Carrie is super supportive but shuts Aidan out and tells him not to come to the funeral. So check plus for supporting Miranda, check minus for being a beyotch to Aidan, the checks cancel each other out and she’s just meh.

#5 – Aidan surprises Carrie a brand new Apple computer (one of those Apple clamshell iBooks that came in different colors) and she could not be less appreciative. He also got her a zip drive so she can start backing up but she says she doesn’t need it and has her own system. He reminds her that her system is broke yo.

She snaps at him because she already has a computer and she isn’t ready for a new one and blah blah. I would be so grateful but she’s just the worst. He’s pissed she won’t let him in to her heart (GAG). Then he gives her the receipt (and her apartment keys back). I’m sure she ended up returning the laptop for cash because that’s the type of gal she is. Awful. She ends up having to get a new motherboard and they basically recovered nothing so she should have just taken the new laptop from Aidan. And also, she threw out the warranty so…

SIDEBAR: The look Carrie gives Charlotte for telling Samantha, who has lost her orgasm, the story of a woman who lost her also orgasm… and never got it back – priceless.

SIDEBAR 2: My favorite scene is Miranda with the bra lady, Lucille. When Miranda lashes out and then realizes it’s not about Lucille at all – it’s so touching. #LUCILLE4EVA


3 thoughts on “Season 4, Episode 8: My Motherboard, My Self

  1. This is a hard episode to watch. The scene with Miranda coming down the aisle after the ceremony and starting to lose it finally, then Carrie jumps out and helps her continue down the aisle, and they see both Steve and Aidan there at the service, oh em gee the tears start to flow for me. And Samantha’s genuine expression of silent sympathy to Miranda during the service was so sweet. All the girls really stepped it up for her and it was wonderful.

    Turns out the actress who played Lucille was the aunt of a friend of mine. She passed recently but I always remembered her for this role.


  2. Carrie walking with Miranda behind the casket is why they are all friends. She is flawed as fuck, but true friends put up with it because of moments like that. It was the closest thing to real life on this show.


  3. This episode was very intriguing to me. Under Samantha’s tough exterior, there was some deep trauma that was evident. Her back story was so mysterious. I loved when Charlotte comforted Samantha, and Carrie comforted Miranda. Steve and Aidan showing up was touching.

    in Carrie’s defense, while she was waiting for the tech support, I think she needed space when Aidan was giving her a massage. Conversely, she did not accept Aidan’s gift of a new computer very graciously, at all. Aidan was right to storm out of the apartment.


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