Season 4, Episode 10: Belles of the Balls

OMG the episode where Brady Hobbes Brady is conceived! Also, the next episode is one of my all time favorites. I can’t wait to dive in to that one.

Everyone (minus Charlotte) is out celebrating Steve being testicular cancer free – they are playing pool so there are a lot of double entendre ball references happening, mostly from Samantha.

It doesn’t take long for Carrie to start revealing why she is the worst. Reasons below!

#1 – During the whole ball conversation, Carrie mentions that they come in a set, like earrings, and that balls are to men what purses are to women. It’s a little bag they feel naked without. Um, purses can’t get cancer you stupid bitch! And also, why can’t she just be supportive??

#2 – While getting ready for bed, Carrie and Aidan talk about his balls until the phone rings and it’s Big. Aidan answers, so it makes it super awkward. Carrie tries to tell Big it isn’t a good time, but he is having problems with Willow the movie star so he totally needs to talk. She goes into a different room to talk to him, which of course pisses off Aidan. Big is being as obsessive and crazy about Willow as Carrie usually is about him, and yet she still offers no helpful advice.

#3 – Carrie thinks it would be a good idea to get the three of them together (her, Aidan, and Big) so that Aidan can see that there is nothing between her and Big. Everyone tells her that is a horrible idea. (Because it is.)

#4 – After Samantha meets with Richard Wright, who tells her she’s too emotional, the girls are all trading stories about crying. Carrie admits she once cried to her editor over a missed deadline and lied about a personal hardship when she was really in the Hamptons. She has no regrets. But seriously, she can’t meet a deadline for a weekly column? Maybe because SHE’S THE WORST.

#5 – Carrie and Aidan are back at his country home and she is reading a fashion magazine when Big calls. He got the number off her machine. (Okay so according to IMDB, this episode aired on July 29, 2001, so answering machines were definitely still a thing). Anyway, Big is distraught because Willow dumped his ass. On the phone call we establish that it is Thursday and Carrie is not coming back to the city until Monday. Big is such a pathetic, needy, Life Ruiner that he somehow guilts Carrie into inviting him to the country house. (He did tell her that Willow drop kicked him in the fucking heart, that’s what probably pushed her over the edge.)

#6 – Carrie has to break this to Aidan and it does not go well. I mean, what was she expecting?

Carrie: I invited him up. I didn’t mean to, I just got trapped. That crazy movie star lady broke up with him, he’s devastated, he has no one else to talk to, and before I knew it I was telling him to make a right at the sign for farm fresh summer squash.

Aidan: I don’t want him in my house.

Carrie: I totally understand. Look, he’s gonna come up here, we’re gonna have a quick talk. Then he’s gonna go right back to the city where he belongs.

Aidan: Fuck!

Carrie: You’re my man. And I love you. He’s just a friend in pain. I would never do this, but he’s really hurting. Come on, haven’t you ever had a girl break your…

(Aidan gives her his best you’ve got to be fucking kidding me look)

Aidan: He better be fucking upset when he gets here. There better be tears.

Carrie is so blinded by her loyalty to Big that she cannot grasp the severity of what she is asking Aidan to do.

#7 – Big arrives at Aidan’s country house in his Jag (that he DROVE, I think the first and only time in the series) and honks his horn until Carrie comes outside. She tells Big he HAS to come inside to the house and talk with Aidan there. Big ends up getting hammered off red wine, babbling about Willow, and can’t drive home so they let him sleep on the couch.

#8 – The next morning, Carrie tells Big to make up with Aidan and they end up mud wrestling.

After Carrie breaks up the fight, they manage to be civil and she’s hopeful that everyone can be friends. As if.

SIDEBAR: Ugh, our introduction to Richard Wright. Gross.

SIDEBAR 2: Miranda still being so supportive of Steve, who wants to get a prosthetic ball, and then proves to him he is still the same guy by sleeping with him. I love them!!!

4 thoughts on “Season 4, Episode 10: Belles of the Balls

  1. I am not sure if it was this episode (I think it is) but she lies to Aidan yet again and says she has a meeting with her editor only for us to see her at dinner with Big.


  2. I know that Aidan was wronged by Big (and Carrie), but his pounding the basketball into backboard fits his pattern of being passive-aggressive. He slapped the nicotine patch on Carrie really hard in another episode rather than communicating.his feelings. Aidan and Carrie’s reconciliation was doomed from the start. Carrie was obviously not for him. Aidan trying to change Carrie was the same as Carrie trying to change Big- not really possible.


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