Season 4, Episode 6: Baby, Talk Is Cheap

I hate, hate, HATE this episode. Carrie and Aidan get back together. She doesn’t deserve a second chance!

We open with her calling Aidan and hanging up on his machine and then wondering what it could possibly mean that she wants to talk to him again. Ummmm? (I just really wanted to use this GIF…it could apply to the words “possibly”, “mean”, “again.” It doesn’t matter.)

It means you are the WORST and you should LEAVE AIDAN ALONE.

Sadly, that does not happen. Let’s look at other reasons why Carrie Bradshaw is the Worst:

#1 – She admits to the girls over drinks that she thinks she wants Aidan back and asks for advice. Miranda tells her she has to be willing to accept the fact that he might not want her back. Carrie says she is willing.

#2 – Charlotte points out Aidan is perfect and just needs to get rid of his tummy (RUDE) and Carrie reminds her of how good Aidan looked at the opening for Scout. I believe she uses the words “disturbingly good.” Miranda asks if she missed him before she saw him looking so good and Carrie gets defensive and says she has missed him for MONTHS. Funny that we are just hearing about this for the first time, then. I guess Mind Blowing Orgasm Ray King, Jazz Man, made her realize what she was missing with someone who is actually relationship material?

#3 – Miranda suggests she email Aidan. Carrie is not “online”, not even for shopping because that’s her cardio. PLEASE.

#4 – Carrie decides to get online (AMERICA ONLINE, TO BE EXACT) and compose her first email to Aidan. She is word vomiting at him. This hero on Tumblr got a nice pic/screen grab of it.

There are MANY issues with this email.

This specific line highlights why SHE IS THE WORST: But please know that I never meant to hurt you, and I would never do it again, because I know now (too little too late, or better late than never?) that what we had was real and rare and special, and the way it felt to kiss you is the way I always want to feel.

We all know this isn’t true. ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER THAN WORDS, BITCH. She ends up just sending him three words. I miss you. UGH.

She wants her email to be witty, sexy, and sensitive. It is none of those things. Not the first draft or the final. For someone who makes their living writing, she sucks at communication.

#5 – Still obsessing that Aidan hasn’t responded to her email 36 hours later, she calls his cell this time and he answers. The first thing she says? “Why won’t you respond to my email?” His response: “Who is this?” Ahhh, it is GLORIOUS.

Aidan tells her that he deleted her email because he doesn’t recognize her screen name (Shoegal) and asks her what it said. To avoid answering, Carrie suggests that she, Aidan, Miranda and Steve all go out together sometime soon.

#6 – On her double whatever with Aidan, Miranda, and Steve, Carrie is telling some stupid story about bugs and a pest control guy. She is babbling and obviously nervous. Aidan puts his hand over her hand as a friendly gesture, which she takes to the next level. When he and Steve go to the bathroom, she basically tells Miranda to leave and take Steve with her so she can make her move.

#7 – She walks Aidan home. He says it was good to see her. Her response? “I think I want to get back together.” Aidan is not having it though. He said he was willing to be friends but can’t do more than that. Then this bitch is like, “but you put your hand on my hand.” As I previously mentioned, it was a friendly gesture because she was clearly uptight and nervous telling her bug story. She realizes she needs to go and they have an awkward kiss I can’t explain. She was just walking away and he tried to kiss her on her cheek and part of it landed on her mouth? Anyway, it leads to more dipshittery.

#8 – As soon as she gets home, she sends Miranda a desperate email about Aidan. Miranda calls her and Carrie says that Aidan kissed her (lie). Then she says it was a miss-kiss but obviously it means something right? Um NOOOOOOOOOO. She sees him logged on to AOL and decides to go back to his place.

Right before hanging up with Miranda, she says “his words said no but his kiss said yes.” Miranda’s response is amazing. “That’s the defense invoked by date rapists.” I KNOW HE STILL FEELS IT, is the last thing Carrie says before hanging up and yeah I mean – he couldn’t have been more clear and I know he ends up caving but she is MADDENING.

#9 – Back at Aidan’s apartment, Carrie throws stones at his bedroom window to get his attention. He comes downstairs and she gives him this bullshit speech. She thinks there is still something between them. He disagrees. She asks if she can come up and he says no. She is so arrogant when she asks if he is scared about what would happen if she did. Now let’s watch the rest of the conversation.

#10 – When she runs away after he screams that she broke his heart, that is just cowardly lion. What, they can only talk if she isn’t getting blamed for her own actions?

Seriously, what the fuck? If she wants to talk and get back together but can’t own up to what she did and how she hurt Aidan? Well, then she deserves…

Pete Campbell! Serial adulterer and overall selfish prick. They deserve each other.

#11 – Aidan comes back to her place and now he is the one throwing stones and of course she let’s him up and they fuck. UGH. Aidan. WHY? Afterwards, Carrie tells him she still loves him and wants to be his girlfriend, which he needs to think about.

Obviously we all know he caves and takes her back.

Buckle up kids, it only gets worse from here!

SIDEBAR: Samantha and the fake nipples – why?

SIDEBAR 2: Charlotte runs into her friend who is 34 with three kids and fucks Trey extra hard that night in her quest to get pregnant.

7 thoughts on “Season 4, Episode 6: Baby, Talk Is Cheap

  1. after seeing that gif of Pete, I think after you’re done with Sex and the City you should make a series about Mad Men and how everyone’s the worst or “everything wrong with mad men”. Honestly I would read posts/rants like these about any series, if you’re willing or interested to continue writing these! 😀 ❤


  2. I laughed so hard at that Friends gif when Rachel accidentally kissed her interviewer. They had some goddamn funny scenes on that show and his face as he backs away was perfect.

    Carrie’s reaction to run away when Aidan yells at her, I mean, I get wanting to leave, but at least break out in some tears first and apologize and then just walk away. That was such a classic Aidan moment.

    Miranda had it right all along — the only reason she was interested in Aidan at all anymore was because he looked really good. If he’d still been slightly paunchy and had the unfortunate longer hair she wouldn’t be interested again.

    “See this? Cigarettes? Gone! All bad habits, gone!” (proceeds to litter blatantly)


  3. Really wish this would’ve just stopped at Aiden saying Carrie broke his heart. She deserves to sit with that shitty feeling forever. UGH! So annoying!


  4. I just rewatched this episode and it bothers me more and more each time I watch it how it’s made to look like we’re supposed to feel sorry for her that he yelled “you broke my heart” at her. I don’t feel sorry for her at all. I don’t think she’s a sympathetic character in any way, and I can’t believe how many times she gets rewarded and validated for being so annoying and vapid.


  5. Urghhh she is the worst!! These eps are so bad in terms of Carrie behaviour!!

    The way she inserts her own problem into Miranda’s comment about Steve trying to kiss her (without even acknowledging what Miranda said, but for using it as a jumping point for her own “dilemma”). And so rude how she shuffled Miranda out… like at least offer to buy her takeaway flan!! Hahah.

    And her dumb victimised look/mannerisms when having the chat with Aidan after walking back to his place from the restaurant. 100%, her communication skills and self-awareness are shockingly lacking for a writer. (I know that’s a generalisation, but still…)

    Thanks for validating my anger with your post, hahah.


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