Season 4, Episode 5: Ghost Town

Oh man, this episode kicks off the NO AIDAN, PLEASE RUN portion of the season. Seriously, why does this happen? UGH. ANYWAY.

Miranda runs in to Steve outside a coffee shop and he informs her he’s opening his own bar.

PAUSE: First of all, I LOVE STEVE. He is always genuinely happy to see Miranda and it makes me happy. That being said, when she asks him what is new with him and he says, “I guess that means you didn’t get the invitation yet,” well, you could have worded that a little better there bud so she didn’t immediately think you were marrying someone else.



Now to discuss reasons why Carrie Bradshaw is the WORST:

#1 – Because Steve was with his girlfriend, Jessica, and she “we’d” him, Miranda immediately calls Carrie as soon as she gets to work. She is confused as to why Miranda could already be having an emotional crisis when she is still in bed (UM SOME PEOPLE HAVE TO GET UP AND GO TO AN OFFICE, HELLO?).

Miranda says that now there is no WAY she is going to the bar opening. Carrie convinces Miranda that she has to go because she and Steve are friends now and “that’s what friends do,” and promises she will go with her until…

#2 – She sees another name on the invitation

Well now there is NO WAY Carrie is going you guys. Of course she makes rules that never apply to her. (Aidan is Steve’s silent partner b t dubs)

Miranda is nice enough to not to throw back in Carrie’s face what she got earlier. Carrie insists this is going to be a “parade of (their) failed relationships”. Then Charlotte says something stupid (and wrong) about how Aidan inviting her is a good thing because that means he’s ready to be friends, which leads to an awkward moment for Carrie later. Actually, GOOD JOB CHARLOTTE.

#3 – Carrie decides to bring a Mulberry bush as a gift for Aidan before the bar opens as a friendly gesture and to say thanks for the invite. She is doing this because she does not want an awkward encounter at the opening. Steve comes to greet her and tells her how sweet her gift is (the bar is on Mulberry street, so it is clever, I will give her that).

This is where it gets awkward, because Steve tells Carrie that he is the one who invited her, not Aidan. Around the same time this message is settling into her thick head, she hears Aidan calling for Steve and bolts. I mean she roadrunners out of there like the mature adult that she is.

#4 – Miranda legit thinks there is a ghost in the apartment above her so she calls Carrie to come over in the middle of the night for company. Carrie takes this opportunity to whine and obsess about Aidan.

#5 – Miranda and Samantha convince Carrie to go to the opening of Scout after all. Here they are being discreet looking for Aidan.

Samantha is walking around doing The Robot because she threw her back out fucking Maria with a strap-on. Miranda is curious about how that would work but Carrie shuts down the conversation because clearly the night is all about her (and her finding Aidan I guess?). He sees her and barely acknowledges her. It’s amazing. He looks amazing, his hair is shorter and he lost a lot of weight (that comes up in the next episode).

#6 – She sneaks out the back door for cake and a smoke and Aidan is out there smoking a cigar. She drops her fork and then they have this whole cake discussion. It is beyond awkward and I hate it and Carrie is the worst.

SIDEBAR: Not gonna lie, I didn’t like Maria and I’m glad this is the last we see of her.

SIDEBAR 2: Bunny MacDougal is also the worst.

3 thoughts on “Season 4, Episode 5: Ghost Town

  1. Maria was an interesting choice for Samantha, less annoying than Ray King in my opinion. But she didn’t understand Samantha at all and was way too controlling. I mean, trying to control Samantha? Please.

    I love Steve! He was so great.


  2. Maria destroying Samantha’s plates was unacceptable. Samantha should have slammed the door in her face when she “reappeared” a few days later


  3. Rewatching this episode right now. Carrie IS the worst, goddamn. (Getting so indignant when Aidan just nods at her? Wtf. That’s more than you deserve, Carrie. lol.)

    Totally agree with rhlosangeles0 above that Maria breaking Sam’s plates was unacceptable. If a male lover was doing that, there’d be no question it was abusive and dangerous behaviour.

    Also, wanted to make a note that I also hate Steve. (Jeez, I just sound like a ray of sunshine, don’t I?)
    Yes, his smile and enthusiasm for Miranda is genuine. But he was also so dismissive of her needs (the baby and dog drama boils my blood), and gaslights her for not being supportive of what he wants (when she is actually quite reasonable most of the time, as well as up-front about her thoughts and needs, and also does not just tend to throw tantrums — unlike Steve).

    Anyway. That’s my rant. Carrie is still (mostly) the worst. 😛


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