Season 4, Episode 4: What’s Sex Got to Do with It?

Ugh. One of my least favorite episodes. It is mostly unforgettable and involves longer story arcs for everyone so we have less opportunities to trash on Carrie, but don’t worry! There are still a few reasons!

Carrie is at Ray King’s apartment in Queens listening to jazz while he chops vegetables like a maniac. He is rocking out and really excited about the bass going on when Carrie decides to tell him she doesn’t like jazz – rude but I agree with her. Not a jazz fan at ALL. But there are still reasons why she is the worst, so let’s focus on those.

#1 – The next night out with the girls, Carrie announces the following about Ray’s non-musical talents:

As they continue gossiping, Samantha announces that she is dating Maria. The girls are more shocked that she used the word relationship rather than lesbian. When the night is over and Carrie, Miranda, and Charlotte are walking to wherever, this is where Carrie says something to solidify that she is the WORST.

Carrie: You know, the truly amazing thing is, I had the news tonight! I had THE MOST intense ….

Miranda: Mind-blowing I believe is the word

Carrie: …orgasm of my life, and Samantha still managed to up-sex me.

I didn’t realize Carrie considered sex or sex experiences or sex stories a competition! And Miranda and Charlotte aren’t any better, making fun of Samantha as well. But it is a personal affront to Carrie that her orgasm lost out to Samantha’s news.

#2 – Ray shows up at Carrie’s apartment just as Samantha is calling her to talk about Maria. Ray announces he wants a Bourbon and to go down on her, but not in that order, so she LETS HIM GO DOWN ON HER WHILE SHE IS STILL ON THE FUCKING PHONE WITH SAMANTHA. This is especially egregious given how often Samantha listens to her obsess about herself and her relationships. But seriously, who DOES THAT???

#3 – Carrie realizes a couple things about her relationship with Ray (and Ray in general). First of all, their relationship is based only on sex because second of all he has ADHD and cannot have a conversation with her about the same thing for longer than ten seconds before moving on to something else. She gives up and just decides to have sex with him until she can’t deal with him anymore – which happens soon.

#4 – Then she does the walk of shame from Queens to Manhattan? I think not! But that is what the end of the episode implies.

SIDEBAR: Charlotte telling Trey to shove their marriage up his ass is my favorite part of the whole episode.

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