Season 3, Episode 15: Hot Child in the City

Ah yes. The episode where Samantha is owned by a 13-year old who wants *NSYNC at her Bat Mitzvah, Miranda gets braces for like, a day, and Carrie wears some god-awful tie dye while continuing to be THE WORST. What are the reasons this time? I’m glad you asked.

#1 – THIS OUTFIT. She also gets hit on in this outfit, which…I can’t.

#2 – While lunching with the girls, she notices Miranda eyeing some dude and decides to be a 13-year old and write him a note on Miranda’s behalf that starts with Dear Mr. Cutie-Cute. She then brings it over to him and tells him Miranda thinks he’s cute and I have so many horrifying flashbacks to middle school that I need a stiff drink.

#3 – After lunch she wants to hit up her favorite shoe repair guy to fix the shoes she’s currently wearing. I know for a fact that it takes more than five minutes so was she just going to walk home barefoot? Her purse doesn’t look big enough to hold flip flops and Carrie Bradshaw would NEVER anyway. Unfortunately, Shoe Fixer has been replaced by Comic Book Pot Head. They flirt and then he mails her a comic he drew of her as a superhero asking her to call him.

#4 – After her date with Pot Head (Wade) she only agrees to go to his place when he mentions he has central AC. And it is really his parents who have it, since he lives with them, which Carrie finds horrifying, even though she couldn’t be worse with money if she tried.

#5 – And I quote:

On closer inspection, it turned out this living with the parents thing wasn’t so bad. It was like having servants you didn’t have to pay.

#6 – When Wade’s mom catches them with pot, he blames Carrie so they won’t kick him out of the apartment. She plays along so she can steal the rest of it and get high with her friends. I guess she did him a solid saying it was her pot, but she still sucks. Also, Carrie being high is even more annoying than normal Carrie, which I didn’t think was possible.

Vulture ranked every episode of this series, and this episode falls right about where it should. I felt the need to include their commentary since I agree and have less ammo with which to trash Carrie.

SIDEBAR: Why does Charlotte wear her engagement ring on her right hand? That shit drives me crazy! (I noticed this when she was searching for info on erectile dysfunction on fucking because Google didn’t exist yet and I’m old AF.)

SIDEBAR 2: 13-year old girls talking about blow jobs is upsetting.

SIDEBAR 3: Charlotte naming her lady biz Rebecca and then telling Trey her ridiculous fantasy…well, she should have taken the car for a test drive first.

2 thoughts on “Season 3, Episode 15: Hot Child in the City

  1. Before wedding bands and engagement rings were sold as sets that were meant to be stacked, a bride would switch her engagement ring to her right hand on her wedding day so that the groom could put the wedding band on her left hand. I don’t remember what Charlotte’s rings look like, but maybe they’re not meant to be worn together as a set, or maybe she’s trying to be “traditional” and old-fashioned. I wear my engagement ring on my right hand because it’s an untraditional ring with like a web setting.


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