Season 3, Episode 13: Escape from New York

It is raining in New York City and we are supposed to feel bad for Carrie Bradshaw even though she is THE WORST for telling Aidan about her affair with Big when she was already ten minutes late for Charlotte’s wedding.

Cut to her having brunch with the girls and talking about their upcoming trip to Los Angeles.

A production company is talking about optioning Carrie’s column so she is heading to LA to meet with them, with Miranda and Samantha tagging along just for fun. Charlotte has just returned from her honeymoon in Bermuda, where she and Trey had sex zero times. Of course Carries tries to one up Charlotte’s problem by mentioning her Aidan Situation because AGAIN SHE IS THE WORST.

Here are some other reasons:

#1 – Upon arrival in LA, Carrie finds out she’s on a no-smoking floor in her hotel and not having it because I am pretty sure she smokes in her room at least once because she is the worst.

No smoking? Big problem!

#2 – Now that she’s smoking again, she makes the girls come outside with her so she can smoke before they go to happy hour at the hotel bar. Can you just meet them there? (Yes I am aware it was for ten seconds, doesn’t make it any less selfish)

#3 – She rents a convertible with a stick shift that she definitely doesn’t know how to drive to the point that Samantha jumps out of the car and runs away. Oh but the car goes with her outfit so that is all that should matter!

#4 – Matthew McConaughey (playing himself) is interested in this project so she heads to a meeting with him. He wants to “flush out” the central relationship of her column (her & Big), but it is clear she has no idea what he’s talking about so here I present to you a photo series, Flushing Out: A series of reactions.

#5 – This following exchange:

MM: I don’t see why they couldn’t make it work. I mean look at him he is such a great guy, I mean I don’t know anybody any cooler than Mr. Big. My only question is, what the fuck is Carrie’s problem?

CB: Well, I don’t particularly think it was just her problem because actually he had some commitment issues.


Then MM claims he is both kidding AND Mr. Big himself. And look, yes, Big has commitment issues but Carrie kept coming back for more. She couldn’t walk away. So really, we ask again: What the fuck is Carrie’s problem?

#6 – And then she decides to skip her last meeting with MM because she doesn’t want to have to face the fact that the problem could also be her and not just Big.

SIDEBAR: This delusional bullshit courtesy of Charlotte: My husband can’t be impotent, he’s gorgeous.

SIDEBAR 2: The happy hour that is supposedly happening in their hotel bar is definitely misleading and no one would go to a hotel bar dressed that fancy. Also Samantha and the dildo model – I just can’t.

8 thoughts on “Season 3, Episode 13: Escape from New York

  1. Also, what’s the deal with Carrie taking 2 or 3 puffs of her cancer stick and then throwing it to the ground (LITTERBUG!)? She does that Every.Time.She.Lights.Up.


  2. Skipping that last meeting with MM infuriates me every time because sure, it was weird but she was in LA for that and just ghosting a meeting is unprofessional and totally in line with her trash personality.


  3. I remember being annoyed with the Matthew McConaughey bit when I first saw it, but rereading it now (and rewatching it recently) it’s fucking hilarious because quite honestly, some random dude reads the script — the columns she herself writes — and can see clearly that Carrie is the one with the fucking problem! That IS bullshit, Carrie, only she don’t know it!


  4. I have the box set & watched these episodes over & over for yrs… I was looking for the designer of the white dress from Carrie’s 2nd break up w/Aiden & stumbled onto this. I applaud the efforts to summarize & theorize on Carrie. I must say I enjoy SATC, b/c unlike the books by Bushnell Carrie isn’t boring & completely narcissistic. She’s a lost free spirit, who finds her way, & eventually stops questioning everything by S6B. I think all 4 of them are neurotic to be honest, but they aren’t malicious characters w/devious motives. The best part of SATC & Carrie is how well intentioned & curious women find themselves in these precariously odd/hilarious situations. It’s really adventures in dating, the older ppl get & the longer they are single they become jaded to the perversions of dating life. There’s nothing wrong w/choosing your path, but sometimes the scenic route is messy; yet never boring. I lean towards the more vanilla your life is the more you hate Carrie honestly. No shade.


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