Season 3, Episode 2: Politically Erect

Ahhhh, the pee pee episode. Not my fave, and actually Carrie doesn’t suck as badly as she will like the second she meets Aidan.

Three weeks into dating Roger Sterling (Mad Men 4eva), Carrie is accompanying him to many events on the campaign trail. Good thing she doesn’t have work deadlines that make her ditch helping her friend of many years through eye surgery but magically has all this free time for Rogie. SHE SUCKS AT LIFE.

Here are more reasons she is the worst:

#1 – She thinks that she is a good match with RS because he knows politics and she knows fashion. That makes no sense – just admit you want to date someone rich.

#2 – She is at lunch with the girls when Charlotte points out that Carrie isn’t even registered to vote (that’s pathetic, Bradshaw). When Samantha mentions she votes for candidates according to looks, Carrie makes an annoying swimsuit competition joke that is NOT EVEN FUNNY.

#3 – She’s walking with Miranda while Miranda explains Steve wants to be exclusive but she’s not sure if she wants to commit yet. And all of a sudden, mid-conversation, Bradshaw needs to use a pay phone for whatever reason. Couldn’t she have waited 5-20 minutes?? Nothing she does is important enough to warrant a mid-conversation phone call, and she is just RUDE. While she is dialing to make whatever phone call CANNOT WAIT, Carrie advises Miranda to make a pro/con list and see which one is longer (yeah, like that wouldn’t backfire).

#4 – She tells Steve and Miranda to vote for her boyfriend because she’s sleeping with him. 

#5 – The Politician tells Carrie he wants her to pee on him as some sort of sex act and instead of saying “NO THANK YOU PLEASE” she just changes the subject even though she is incredibly uncomfortable. Try the truth sometime!!

#6 – She brings Stanford to Charlotte’s used date party, which is kind of cheating and a little insensitive since the whole point is for Charlotte to find herself a husband.

#7 – Rog breaks up with her because his people don’t like her column so of course she writes about his pee pee fetish. Even though she doesn’t use his name, she’s gone to enough events that people must have figured it out.

SIDEBAR: Charlotte’s husband hunting is becoming painful to watch. She wants to help with Rogie’s campaign so she can meet single, rich men and then throws that discard/used date party. Her desperation is palpable. And listen. I get it, I do. Doesn’t make it less cringe-worthy. The eyes she gives Very Nice to Meet You Greg Miller….yeesh.

One thought on “Season 3, Episode 2: Politically Erect

  1. I haven’t seen the episode in awhile but I vaguely remember Carrie writing about him in her column, and his fetish, even in oblique/vague terms. It’s a dick move and anybody who would ever date her should know in advance that they might end up in one of her columns, unflatteringly so. She wields a certain amount of tacky, petty power and has no sense of discretion, so I’m a bit surprised Big would have ever bothered with her once she started writing about him publicly. Or that Samantha wouldn’t have advised her at some point that she is Bad PR Walking. Again, she’s the worst.


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