Season 1, Episode 5: The Power of Female Sex

This is the Carrie-is-a-pseudo-prostitute episode.

Let’s jump right in to why she’s the worst:

  1. Carrie’s credit card gets declined at Dolce & Gabbana when she is trying to buy hideous shoes. Her friend Amalita swoops in out of nowhere to buy them for her with her rich boyfriend’s credit card. Even though Carrie keeps saying she couldn’t accept the gesture, it doesn’t take much for her to relent and let a random stranger buy her shoes she could very clearly not afford otherwise. Her money issues come into play a LOT in this show and someone is always there to bail her out even though she doesn’t deserve it. As a result she never learns her lesson.
  2. Amalita calls again and forces Carrie out of bed to come meet her, her rich boyfriend, and a French architect, with the promise of paying for everything. Of course Carrie hits it off with Frenchie and he asks to see her the next day.
  3. While she is playing NYC tour guide, she mentions that she’s having money problems and he ends up leaving her $1000 in cash after she sleeps with him. World’s oldest profession anyone? It always cracks me up when he tells her he’ll call her even though they both know he doesn’t have her number.

SIDEBAR: Charlotte agrees to have her lady biz painted. So very unlike Charlotte!

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