Season 1, Episode 4: Valley of the Twenty-Something Guys

Carrie and Big bump into each other a lot at various social events and then decide to meet for drinks at 10:30pm on a Saturday night. At a bar that all her friends are going to also be at. (To help her obsess later? Most likely.)

After he’s late, she checks her answering machine messages to hear from him that something came up.


And now the reasons she’s the worst:

  1. She makes Miranda listen to her message from Big (BECAUSE SHE’S 12), in a really loud bar, by the way, to interpret if he is canceling this meeting as a date or as friends.
  2. That same night, she meets 20-something Sam, who ends up flashing her his tongue ring before eventually shoving both down her throat. Big shows up as she is fingering Sam’s tongue/tongue ring – awkward. Luckily he can’t stay. Okay, look, she’s not even dating Big, let alone exclusive with him, but to go from obsessing over an answering machine message to playing with another dude’s tongue in the span of 30 minutes is a very Carrie Bradshaw thing to do.
  3. She’s walking down the street with Miranda and in the flash of a second, ditches her because she’s late for a “meeting with her editor,” which is code for “making out with Sam in a Banana Republic dressing room.”
  4. Next scene she’s getting ready for a “date” with Big. Same day? Next day? Does it even matter? Bitch likes to juggle. Her date with Big also includes a surprise buzzkill: Big’s friend Jack – going through his second divorce.
  5. Carrie takes this as a sign to leave and go meet up with Sam. After she spends the night with him, she buys shoes she can’t afford to alleviate the depression and disgust she felt about his 20-something apartment.

Carrie runs into Big and Friends after shoe shopping and coyly refuses to join them, which actually gets the result she wants. He chases after her and promises to take her on a proper date.

Her constant shoe shopping is going to come up A LOT. As is her merry-go-round/seesaw/relationship o’doom with Mr. Big. Buckle up, kids!

SIDEBAR: When Big introduces Carrie to Jack and mentions his second divorce, Jack says that “the bitch is getting everything the first bitch didn’t.” Classic

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