Season 1, Episode 3: Bay of Married Pigs

When Carrie’s friend Peter exposes himself to her in the hallway of the Hamptons house he shares with his wife, Prudence (also Carrie’s friend), we can’t really blame her for that. But Prudence does, and ships her straight back to Manhattan. Thus ensues a conversation about singles vs. marrieds where Carrie manages to slip in the fact that Peter has a pepper mill sized dick. Classy.

Later on, she goes to lunch with another married couple where she is surprise fixed up with Sean, “The Marrying Guy”. This is after she says to her friends that she doesn’t think she’s the marrying kind. (More on that later – WHY AIDAN WHY? YOU DESERVED SO MUCH BETTER!!!)

So, why is she the worst in this episode? I’m glad you asked.

  1. Poor Sean is just a DKNY dress to Carrie – no, she literally says that. She’s “trying him on” even though she knows he’s not her style.
  2. Then she tries to pawn him off on Charlotte. Okay to be fair, Charlotte IS the marrying kind, the desperate to marry kind, so on paper it’s not TOO shitty of her, but the concept is selfish because she only does it to alleviate her own guilt.

SIDEBAR: Two unrelated Carrie things I forgot about:

  1. Miranda’s coworker setting her up with a woman and Miranda playing that to her advantage when the senior partner of her firm invites them to a dinner party. Poor Sid. She seemed cool.
  2. Samantha getting blitzed a Sean’s housewarming party and then sleeping with Charlotte’s barely legal doorman.

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