Season 3, Episode 4: Boy, Girl, Boy, Girl…

This is an episode I routinely skip when I’m just randomly watching episodes because it really doesn’t have much going for it. Charlotte’s gallery is featuring an artist that takes pictures of women dressed as men. Charlotte has a big old crush on the artist and agrees to let him photograph her but then they just bang – good for her. She needs more spontaneous sex. But, we’re not here to talk about Charlotte, we’re here to talk about why Carrie Bradshaw is the worst. So let’s get to it!

#1 – She goes ice skating in this outfit. And also never puts down her cigarette.

#2 – Sean, her ice skating date/new guy, asks her when her last serious relationship was and she mentions something about how she ended something after two years of back and forth and how they weren’t Y2K compatible. When she asks Sean the same question, he lists out his past relationships: Kaylen, Leslie and then Mark. She does not react well to the Mark portion of this list.

#3 – At brunch, Carrie is freaking out to the girls about Sean being bisexual and mentions she told him it wasn’t a problem because she panicked. I mean, this was early 2000s and people were not as open minded as they are today (and I think we still have a ways to go, sadly). Carrie’s main issue is that she assumes he will just wind up with a guy anyway. Um, okay? If he did, it would probably be because you SUCK and he wants someone who is awesome, regardless of gender.

#4 – She also says she isn’t sure bisexuality even exists. I mean again, how close-minded can you be?

#5 – Carrie is out with Sean at a bar and starts grilling him on if he’s checking out a guy or a girl. And then when they are fucking in her apartment she asks if she kisses better than a guy. She’s so fucking annoying. What a buzzkill when you’re asking someone mid-fuck if they’re attracted to someone else.

#6 – Sean takes her to a party where there are a lot of same-sex couples and they play spin the bottle. When she has to kiss Alanis Morissette, she decides to get up, ghost everyone, and never talk to Sean again. Mature. Also, this is what she’s wearing.

SIDEBAR: Miranda’s struggle to open up to Steve more and let him move in with her – well it warms my heart.

3 thoughts on “Season 3, Episode 4: Boy, Girl, Boy, Girl…

  1. When she clings on to Miranda when Miranda’s about to leave brunch to watch tv and whines ‘what about my problem’?! Said problem is the guy she’s dating is bisexual aka not a problem. As Samantha said (whilst Sam was talking about pan sexuality in a previous episode) ‘for a sex columnist you are so narrow minded’. So true. The only defence is when it first aired it was one episode a week, so I can’t help but wonder if, perhaps we all forgot how annoying she was by the time each episode rolled round


  2. Carrie was at her whiny worst here. Miranda and Charlotte are narrow-minded here, as well. Samantha is the only one who demonstrated any openness. She’s almost always the best. My only problem with Samatha is when she knowingly sleeps with married men.


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