Season 2, Episode 11: Evolution

Considering this is the episode before the whole Paris fiasco, Carrie seems (mostly) secure in her relationship, even though she shouldn’t, because her relationship with Big is the worst, and so is she. Let’s jump right in to the reasons.

#1: At brunch with the girls, Carrie says she will pay for everyone and accidentally whips out a thong while looking for her wallet. She’s spending the night at Big’s and he doesn’t let her leave anything there (because “he’s weird about stuff”) so she needs to cart around underwear in her giant purse o’shit. When Samantha suggests she talk to him about the fact that she doesn’t have a drawer at his place, she says, “With Big, I think it’s best to walk softly and carry a big purse.” Yes, good idea, pretend this isn’t an issue and see how that goes.

#2: The next morning she decides to leave a hair dryer at his place. She gradually starts leaving more things (tampons, razors, etc), to his great confusion. At drinks with the girls (while talking about the differences between a gay straight man and a straight gay man and I’m still not sure I understand what the fuck they’re even talking about), Carrie starts listing off all the things she’s left at Big’s place, including a number two. She is so exceedingly proud of herself because it speaks to her level of comfort with Big. (Yes, THAT number two – she can’t even say she took a dump without giggling.)

#3: When Big shows up at her place with a bag from Barneys, she thinks it is a gift but turns out to be all the stuff she left at his apartment. Trigger meltdown. She tells him she meant to leave that stuff there and she doesn’t like having to wander around the city like a “nomad” with all this shit in her purse. She tells Big that he can also leave stuff at her place but he says he doesn’t want to. He likes things exactly how they are: separate togetherness.

After spending the night at Big’s, she’s attempting to leave but he wants to cuddle and she says she has to go home so she can blow dry her hair. While she’s collecting all her things to bring home, she finds a random picture of them hidden in his bathroom and this suddenly makes her feel better about the status of their relationship. I mean the picture is hidden. In a drawer. In his bathroom. How is this a good thing? She gets back in bed with Big because her finding that picture leaves her euphoric and obviously he really does want her there (for now).

The next episode is really a hum dinger, can’t wait to dive into it.

SIDEBAR: Poor Samantha’s revenge fantasy with Dominic completely backfires. Rarely do we see her get played like that.

SIDEBAR 2: Miranda telling off hair plug guy is amazing.

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