Season 1, Episode 8: Three’s A Crowd

The focus of the episode is threesomes because Charlotte’s new boyfriend wants to have one. Good luck with that, bro.

We inevitably get to the part where Carrie asks Big if he’s ever had a threesome and he tells her that, in fact, he has. It was with the ex-wife Carrie didn’t know he had. Trigger meltdown.

When she tells the girls, Miranda and Samantha become enablers and tell Carrie she needs to check out his ex. THAT SOUNDS LIKE A NOT GREAT IDEA BUT OKAY.

Now we dive in to why Carrie is the worst:

  1. Carrie finds out that Big’s ex is named Barbara and she works in publishing, so Carrie somehow gets a meeting with her. What? Is it really that easy? Since Babs is all about the kids’ books, and Carrie didn’t realize that, she pulls something out of her ass and pitches a book about little Kathy and her magic cigarettes; a children’s book for adults. Babs loves the idea and since she’s also beautiful, Carrie is intimidated.
  2. Later on, Babs invites Carrie to lunch to reject her book idea. Those above her pay grade are just not that into little Kathy and her cigs. However, Babs IS just that into both Kathy and Carrie – she’s a fan of Carrie’s column and wants to be friends. They day drink and Carrie finally summons up the liquid courage to ask her if she has ever been married and what happened – PSYCHO! Babs says he had a wandering eye. This punches Bradshaw right in the feels.
  3. After Carrie confronts Big, he addresses the threesome issue (why they had one – they were both looking for other things) but never the wandering eye portion of the situation. Carrie is fine with 1 out of 2 explanations and goes back to making out with him on the street.

SIDEBAR: Samantha is sleeping with a married man and runs into him and his wife one afternoon. Afterwards, he calls her to say he told his wife about her and that it’s all over and he’s leaving his wife. Samantha’s response: “Who is this?” GOLD

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